Current Jewellery Favourites

I've always been a jewellery kind of gal, yet recently I've found myself wearing less jewellery (oh the waste!) and instead wearing a few classic pieces over and over again. I've moved away from bracelets and bangles and found myself wearing dainty chokers or minimalist necklaces. To help you guys out, I thought I would give you a quick run through of all my current favourites, and where to find them...

CHOKER NECKLACE: It's funny because I have loads of chokers already. Like loads! I've been a keen supporter of the trend since it started, however this dainty little sterling silver choker has been an everyday staple since the day I bought it. I love how it instantly accessories an outfit without looking too bold and so much of a statement. I have found that it's small enough and elegant enough to wear during the day but has enough sparkle to wear in the evening without being too flashy.

CRESCENT NECKLACE: When it comes to jewellery I'm not really into huge glitzy pieces, instead I prefer more minimal, basic and somewhat neutral jewellery (which just so happens to be perfect for pairing with my winter wardrobe). This crescent necklace was actually a Christmas gift from my sister - she obviously knows my style down to a T, it goes with everything! Apart from its sentimental value, I also love how this pendant is slightly bigger than the majority of my jewellery because it a stands out without looking too in your face!

RINGS: Finally, my rings are all very mismatched however there's one shop I tend to gravitate towards when I'm looking for new rings to add to my ever growing collection! Anarchy Street has such a great range of rings, from statement diamond pieces to minimal petite pieces. And to top it off, they're all great prices too!


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  1. Soso pretty! I absolutely love your outfit and bodysuit, so cute! I adore how you style your outfits :D xx

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