Vintage Leather

Reclaimed vintage has crept into high fashion recently (it's about time!!), and I've been loving it. I've always had a passion for searching for one off vintage items in charity shops or warehouses and find myself in thrift stores whenever I've got a spare moment. Many times when people have asked me where a piece of clothing is from that I am wearing, I have been presented with very shocked facial expressions when I say 'Sue Ryder!'....I absolutely admire the fact that you can find a true gem amongst what might look like a bundle of 'tat' half the time.

That is why for this outfit I wanted to mix a bit of old with new. I think the contrast between the leather texture and the soft tee work perfectly together for a daytime look or even a night out. Thanks for reading another short but sweet post, follow my Instagram (catherineluisex) for daily updates...


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