Get The Glow | The 3 skincare products that saved my skin

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite writing this as currently, I'm sat here with a fresh hormonal break out. Yayy... what more could you ask for a saturday night?!
Anyway more to the point, these three skincare items have honestly saved my skin. I don't want you thinking these skincare products will cure all breakouts because, like everyone else I do still suffer from hormonal break outs, and that's completely normal. What I am saying is that amidst all of the 'time of the month' madness, these products will certainly help cool down your skin and ease sensitivity.

Ok, so let me clarify... my skin is super sensitive so I have to be ridiculously careful when it comes to trying new products. All in all my skin is combination.

The first product I would recommend, is the Herbivore Organics Lapis Oil. I bought the handy little 8ml sample size bottle as a tester, which is great when you have sensitive skin like mine and you don't want to invest in the full size bottle. I was sceptical to say the least when trying this product for the first time, I simply couldn't get around the idea of putting oil onto my already oily skin. Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up the next morning as it had left my skin superbly soft (soft as a baby's bottom kind of sort..that good!) and my spots were visibly reduced, along with redness. Since I have been using this product religiously, I'm quickly running out of my sample size bottle. I'm sure i'll be investing in the full size before long. Even with its hefty price tag it is still definietly worth it.

The second and third product come hand in hand as they come together in a set; the SK II facial treatment essence and facial treatment lotion . I've been looking for a good facial scrub for a while now as every one I've tried so far has lead to even more break outs! But... after a little research I came across the power of toners! Toners clean and purify the skin in the same way as a scrub but without the hassle of rubbing away those annoying beads at the end of your facial routine. After reading reviews on the SK II facial treatment essence, I quickly realised from the amount of similar feedback, that the facial treatment essence didn't make a huge amount of difference on its own, therefore I invested in both. I use the essence as a toner after washing my face and then the lotion after which calms and cleans my skin before lastly adding my Lapis Oil on top. It's a rather long procedure, especially in the evening when bed is calling, but i'd say it is totally worth it! Since using the SK II products, my skin is smoother than ever before! Yet again they have a high price tag, so depending if you're willing to spend a lot of money on facial care, it would need to be considered before purchasing.

Every morning, before applying my make up, I inspect my face to see the damage...where are the new blackheads and blemishes have formed over night. Since using these products I have noticed such a positive difference in the clarity of my skin, with breakouts being few and far between.
I really hope you enjoyed this different kind of post from me! The aim was to branch out away from fashion to promote all areas of my life which I am passionate about. I hope you all enjoyed...


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