Friday Night Skin Saviours

Recently I've been neglecting a bit of self care, so I've taken the time to put together a few of my favourite 'night in' skincare saviours, for when a night out at the bar get's traded in for a night in of pampering. I’ve gotta say… it’s been just what I’ve needed (and my skin agrees!). I’ve been dedicating my Friday evenings to giving my skin a little extra love, which of course starts with a welcoming, hot bubble bath.
This is where my first bath time favourite comes in! The Herbivore Organics coconut bath soak, is perfect for hydrating and softening your skin. The indulgent and luxurious bath soak will leave your skin silky soft and smelling of coconut and natural vanilla, along with filling your bath room with a heavenly aroma.
Also, make sure to light a deliciously scented candle - they instantly create your own little oasis. Although a candle is not a skincare 'must' it has the power to relax after what may have been a challenging week at work. A firm favourite of mine is The White Company pomegranate candle, it fills any room with the sweet scent of pomegranatecreating a wonderfully warm feel.
Whilst I'm in the Bath I like to take the time to exfoliate my legs with The Lush 'ocean salt body scrub'. This magic little jar leaves your legs feeling silky smooth (baring in mind you need to shave them too!), plus its perfect for pre-self tan application as it stops the self tan looking patchy. 
Finally, before bed I like to rub a little of the Tisserand Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller, on my wrists and neck. Ive found this has helped me when my mind can't switch off from the day or I'm in tired and restless mood, the scent seems to softly soothe you into sleep before you've even got time to toss a turn.


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