Romantic Ruffles In Wild Flower Fields

Its been a long time. The last couple of weeks have been filled with working on final deadlines, exams and loads of school work. I couldn't wait to get these pictures up so I could finally produce a blog post. It's been way too long and I'm sorry for that but I'm back and guaranteeing at least one blog post a week to make up for it. 
On a beautiful friday afternoon I got to finally make use of this hazy wild flower field, it only looks this stunning once a year, so every year I get a new set of pictures in the field, I'm glad to say these are defiantly the best ones yet!

 Dress - Handmade      Shoes - Adidas     Scarf - Topshop     Watch - Casio

This dress will be going up for sale on my Depop soon, and I'm planning on making plenty more of the same ones, so keep an eye out over the next few weeks. You guys will easily be able to get your hands on this dress.
I really hope you guys enjoyed. I had such a blast running around this place and it was just so beautiful. And thank you to those who are reading this...