OOTD: luxe leather

Jeans - Topshop  shoes - Vans   Jacket - Zara   Hoodie - Zara

This outfit has been my go to outfit recently, the leather jacket dresses this otherwise casual outfit up. I can't believe I have only just purchased a leather jacket because it goes so well with every outfit, I could wear it just about everyday. This hoodie has to be a 2015 favourite, already! The jumper is a recent purchase I managed to pick up in the Zara winter sales, along with the leather jacket. Again my sparkly vans have made an appearance, I guess this is just an outfit of all of my favourite/comfy clothes. They seam to go with everything, mainly because my closet is probably just made up of black, white and grey.



  1. I love the effect of photographs. Where do you retouch your photos?

    1. I take all my photos on my iPhone 5 and then edit them on the VSCO cam app using the P5 filter but i might do a post all about editing and taking photos :) x