Buttoned Up

Shirt - Zara     Jeans - ASOS   Shoes - Zara

The picture quality in this post is very poor, however we tried our best in the pouring rain! The shirt is a new purchase from Zara. I have wanted a pinstriped shirt for so long, however this shirt has a twist! Theres a front panel and the sleeves on the shirt have white and grey stripes on but the rest of the shirt only has blue and white stripes on. I think this adds a bit of detail to the shirt and makes it slightly different to a normal pinstriped shirt. 
The jeans are the same as the jeans in the last post, although for this look I kept them rolled down this makes the jeans look completely different! On Saturday I am going to London with my best friend to do some shopping! So watch out, as next Sunday there will be a whole blog post about the trip rather than an outfit post. 



  1. You take amazing photos!! I love the simplicity of this outfit. Definitely your newest follower! x


    1. Thank you so much! Your blog is an inspiration and I am following you too x

  2. I really like the photos, they have a moody darkness to them.


  3. Thank you! I only take the photos on my iphone, as I find its easier than my DSLR and gives the results I want.

  4. I think the photos turned out well, despite the rain! The colours are really grungy. Love this relaxed outfit!
    Brianna || http://extraordinarydaysblog.com/